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Personal Injury

Income Replacement, Rehabilitation and No-Fault Benefit Memorandum
Income Replacement, Rehabilitation and No-Fault Benefit Memorandum for Accidents After September 1st, 2010
Damages Memorandum Accidents on or After November 1, 2003
Damages Memorandum Accidents on or After September 1, 2010

Construction Law

Dispute Resolution Under CCDC - 2008
An Overview of the Construction Lien Act: The Remedy Given by the Construction Lien Act and the Method By Which it is Asserted
The Breach of Trust Claim
Recent Construction Cases Every Contractor Should Be Aware Of
A Request for Proposal versus a Tender
A Contractors Worst Nightmare – The Breach of Trust Claim
Proportionality is a Major Factor in any Costs Award in a Construction Lien Action
When a Construction Contract is Abandoned
A Subcontractor‘s Right to Access Money Paid into Court
Corporate Criminal Liability Based Solely on Supervisory Action?
Pre-Contractual Tendering Damages
Court Confirms Limits on Eichleay: Project Must Have Begun Before Damages for Delay Accrue
The Labour and Material Bond Claims

Employment & Labour Law

Bill C-45 Criminal Liability of Organizations
How to Protect Technology
After-Acquired Cause
When can an Employee be Fired for the Contents of a Letter ?
Deemed Termination by an Employer – A Recent Case Analysis
Ignorance of Policies – Drug and Alcohol Testing
Investigating Cause for Dismissal – How Far does an Employer have to go?
Just Cause and Conflict of Interest
Judge Grants Injunction Prohibiting Senior Insurance Executive from Soliciting Clients or Recruiting Employees of Former Employer
Can an Employment Standards Act Breach by an Employer Support an Employee's Claim for Common Law Damages?
26 Months' Notice of Termination Awarded to 65 Year Oold Employee
Employee with a Contractually Stipulated Term of Notice was not Required to Mitigate his Damages
When Does Post-Termination Conduct Amount to Cause?
Bonuses Have to be Paid to Fired Company Executive Despite Breach of Fiduciary Duty
A Manager's Offensive Letter to a CEO was Cause for Dismissal
Employers May Not Elect to Retain a Replacement Employee in Favour of an Employee Returning From Medical Leave
Discipline, Not Termination, More Appropriate in Some Cases
Layoff Amounts to a Wrongfully Dismissal
Employee's Conduct Following Wrongful Dismissal did not Justify the Dismissal, Judge Rules
Slap did not Warrant Dismissal
What is an Employer Entitled to When an Employee is Ill?
The Law of Constructive Dismissal
Temporary Lay-Off of Non-Unionized Workers

General Litigation

Client Memorandum - Litigation: The Practical Considerations
The Law of Wrongful Incarceration
The New Tort of Invasion of Privacy in Ontario
The New Long Term Care Resident's Bill of Rights
Disclosing Patient Safety Incidents
A Hospital's Authority to Govern Disruptive Physician Conduct



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