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Personal Injury - Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are devastating and they affect the lives of both the victim and the victim’s family. Spinal cord injuries are often severe, life-threatening injuries leaving victims permanently disabled causing devastating and permanent impairments. These impairments often occur as a result of trauma related to a car accident, slip and fall, sporting activity or an act of violence. Spinal cord injuries cause damage to nerve roots or fiber tracts in the spinal cord which carry signals to and from the brain. Depending on the classification and severity, this type of traumatic injury may also damage the grey matter in the central part of the spinal cord, causing segmental losses of inter neurons and motor neurons.

Spinal Cord Injuries cause great pain and suffering, loss of mobility and often paralysis. The injury lawyers and legal professionals at HACIO LAW have the experience and skill necessary to achieve extraordinary results for spinal cord injury victims. Insurers often deny benefits they are obliged to pay. You will require an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the complexities of a spinal cord injury claim to help you dispute the insurer’s refusal to pay your benefits and ultimately recover your injury compensation.

If you have suffered a back, neck or spinal cord injury, HACIO LAW has the experience and dedication to help you and your family obtain the rehabilitation, benefits and ultimately the injury compensation you deserve. We offer free consultations and free case assessments.

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