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People in Ontario who are injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident have been entitled to accident benefits from their own motor vehicle insurance carrier. These benefits are available to the injured person regardless of who is at fault for the crash. Accident benefits are also available to people who do not have any car, truck or motorcycle insurance of their own. In those cases, the benefits are payable either by the insurer of one of the vehicles involved in the collision or by a provincial government fund. These benefits also are available if you are hit as a pedestrian. The benefits are further described in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule - Effective September 1, 2010.

What benefits are available? As of September 1, 2010 available accident benefits include an Income Replacement Benefit of up to $400 per week, an Attendant Care Benefit of up to $3,000 per month (a maximum of $36,000) and Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits of up to $50,000 over 10 years following the accident. Damaged Clothing Expenses and Lost Educational Expenses are also available. Visitor Expenses are also payable while the injured person is recovering from their injuries. If someone was killed in the accident, benefits are available for Funeral Expenses and a modest Death Benefit is available for the spouse and dependents of the deceased.

In addition, if the injuries fall within the definition of a "catastrophic impairment" the available benefits increase to $1,000,000 in Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits and $1,000,000 in Attendant Care Benefits payable over the injured person's lifetime. People who have suffered catastrophic injuries are also eligible, among other things, for Case Management Services as well as a Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefit of $100 per week payable for life.

It is important that you complete the accident benefits application form and submit it to your insurer as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident. There are short deadlines for submitting these forms and the insurer can refuse to pay for expenses incurred before the proper forms are submitted. HACIO LAW has former insurance adjusters on staff that will assist our clients in applying for accident benefits. They can fill out the forms on your behalf.

At HACIO LAW we specialize in accident benefits claims. If you or a loved one has an accident benefits claim, please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our experienced accident benefit lawyers.

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