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Labour Relation Disputes

Employment & Labour Law - Labour Relations Disputes

We provide labour relations advice, service and representation across all industry sectors – touching on all aspects of the Ontario Labour Relations Act and Canada Labour Code.

We provide strategic advice and assistance to our clients on such diverse matters as:

  • union organizing drives
  • jurisdictional disputes
  • union certification
  • unfair labour practice allegations
  • sale of business
  • bad faith bargaining complaints
  • strikes and lockouts
  • conciliation
  • picketing
  • related employer applications
  • public sector restructuring
  • Collective bargaining - We have extensive experience with collective bargaining and other forms of negotiations in both the private and public sector. We regularly advise on collective bargaining strategy, draft collective agreement proposals and act as back room advisors or spokespersons at the bargaining table. If negotiations falter, we help prepare for and manage a strike or lockout to avoid undue disruption to operations, including obtaining cease and desist orders or injunctions as necessary.

Grievance and arbitration - We advise and represent employers throughout the grievance and arbitration process. Our work covers a full range of labour issues, including:

  • discipline and discharge
  • seniority disputes
  • human rights and accommodation
  • contracting out
  • staff deployment
  • technological change
  • management rights
  • job evaluation
  • benefit entitlements
  • salary structure

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