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Contstruction claims

Construction Law - Construction Claims

We recognize that construction claims differ from other types of commercial and contract disputes. This is due to the unique nature of the construction industry and to the sheer volume of documents and issues that are common characteristics of construction litigation. We also know that the effective documentation, preparation and presentation of a construction claim are often critical to successful outcomes. Our claims experience, coupled with our knowledge of the construction industry itself, leaves us well equipped to assist clients on both sides of a construction dispute, from those which arise during the tendering process through to holdback distribution and warranty claims.

Our Claims experience includes:

  • Claims relating to the Tendering Process:
    • pre-qualification
    • errors in the Tender Documents
    • privilege clauses
    • award criteria
    • mistaken tenders
    • non-compliant bids
  • Breach of Contract Claims:
    • debtor/creditor claims
    • fundamental breach
    • Repudiation
    • wrongful termination
    • completion contracts
  • Changes in the Work:
    • notice and waiver
    • scope of work disputes
    • extras and deletions
    • pricing disputes
    • impact costs
    • documenting the claim
  • Back charges and Deficiencies:
    • deficient work
    • incomplete work
    • Back charges for delay
  • Delay Claims:
    • notice and waiver
    • scheduling methods
    • float and the critical path
    • compensable and non-compensable delay
    • liquidated damages
    • causation and concurrent delay
    • site and home office overhead
    • damage assessment models
  • Claims Against Consultants:
    • drawings and specifications
    • soils reports
    • condition surveys
    • shop drawings
    • site reviews and inspections
    • progress certifications
  • Negligence Claims:
    • duties of care
    • claims against maintenance contractors
    • contribution and indemnity
    • hold-harmless provisions
    • third-party liability
    • duty to warn
  • Bond and Surety Claims:
    • performance bond claims
    • labour and material payment bond claims
    • bid bond claims

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