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Construction Law - Bidding & Tendering

Legal principals in relation to non-compliant bids, privilege clauses, mistaken bids and undisclosed criteria have altered the way in which those who submit bids, evaluate bids and award contracts must conduct themselves. At HACIO LAW we bring our knowledge of this law, and of the tender process itself, to bear in representing our clients.

Our experience with Bidding & Tendering includes:

  • assisting owners to manage and allocate risk during the tender phase, through tender documents, contract documents and pre-qualification procedures
  • advising owners with respect to contract awards when issues of non-compliance, disclosed criteria or mistaken bids arise
  • advising owners with respect to how they should proceed when only one bid is received or when all bids are over budget
  • advising contractors and subcontractors in relation to bid submissions
  • representing owners, contractors and subcontractors with tender related disputes, including applications and civil actions in that regard

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